Q: How does Single Volunteers work for me and the  community?

A: The concept behind Single Volunteers is simple.  Find projects with nonprofit organizations where SVBC volunteers can help–jobs from answering phones for telethons to building houses  to staffing blood drives or stuffing envelopes. Staff and project  leaders compile a team who get together in a productive, positive  environment and get the job done and done wonderfully well.

Q: Do you collect any membership dues?

A: Right now we don’t. But it might become necessary  in the future to collect a small amount.

Q: I have a very busy schedule. How much volunteer  work do you expect me to do?

A: We have very different kinds of projects. There  is something for everybody. Usually, you only need to sign up for  a couple of hours at a time. But if you sign up, we ask you to stay  commited to the schedule because the project leader and the organization are counting on you.

Q: I may not be able to come to every meeting;  how will I learn about possible projects?

A: Check out this website; all volunteer projects  will be updated weekly. However, attending the meetings is a good  way to get to know other people and to learn more about the projects.  The project leaders will always be happy to answer all your questions.

Q: What age group are the members?

A: Most members are 30 years and older.

Q: What is the ratio between men and women?

At this point we don’t have accurate statitstics but  we are looking into ways to gain more information on this issue.

Q: I know a Non-Profit-Organization that needs help with an  event; who should I contact?

A: Fill out the  Request Volunteers form with a description of the requested work and someone will contact you right away